Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gregorian Chant Workshop May 24-28, 2017

Gregorian Chant Workshop
May 24-28, 2017
Abbey of St. Walburga 

Are you intrigued by Gregorian Chant and curious to learn more about it? Are you drawn to chant, but a bit uncertain about how to sing it? Are you looking for a way to enliven your prayer life, personal or liturgical? The Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of St. Walburga invite you to deepen your understanding of and appreciation for this powerful art form.

We will explore the interrelationship of music, language, and prayer. You will become acquainted with Gregorian notation and with the principles of bringing this ancient music to life.

No previous knowledge of chant is required, but basic familiarity with modern musical notation and terminology will be assumed. We will go over the history of chant, and introduce the musical notation specific to Gregorian chant. Because the program is to be partly a retreat, and not just a course of study, we will spend time actually experiencing the chants, and encourage participants to explore ways to incorporate song into their own prayer lives.

By scheduling the workshop from Wednesday evening through Sunday morning, we hope to have time and opportunity to work intensively on a small number of chants, so that participants can become really comfortable with at least a few pieces. There will be a lot of singing, but no one will be pushed out of his or her personal comfort zone.

Sr. Hildegard Dubnick has been singing Gregorian Chant as a member of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Walburga since 1987. She has been the Abbey's main organist since 1995.

Cost for the retreat is $300 per person, including private room and meals. Abbey retreats are open to men and women of all denominations. The Abbey of St. Walburga is located on U.S. Highway 287, 35 miles north of Fort Collins, CO, 29 miles south of Laramie, WY.

For more information or to make reservations, please call 970-472-0612, or email aswretreats@gmail.com

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